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CoachingAssembly is your one-stop recruitment solution: employer branding, customised job posting & optimised
candidate management. CoachingAssembly saves time on admin to create time for your team
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Creating a beautiful company profile is free and takes just a couple of minutes. We then advertise it to the right candidates, passive or active. It is an amazing way to communicate your brand and work culture.
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Once you have a company profile on CoachingAssembly, we will match you with potential candidates. Whether you are currently recruiting or plan to, build your own database of candidates.
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If you need a careers page for your website, we have you covered. You do not need to have an IT department. Your page is implemented in seconds.
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If you are actively recruiting for specific positions, you can dispatch your job ads in one go to traditional and University job boards across the world.
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Stop receiving applicants by emails or through old web portal. CoachingAssembly automatically organises your pool of candidates, so you can manage your selection funnel.
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If you wish to assess your candidates online, before seeing them for interviews, we give you access to online tests, directly integrating within your CoachingAssembly workspace.
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